April, 2012

HELP DESK: Location, Location, Location


Welcome to HELP DESK, where I answer your queries about making, exhibiting, finding, marketing, buying, selling–or any other activity related to–contemporary art. Together, we’ll sort through some of art’s thornier issues. Email helpdesk@dailyserving.com with your questions and save the comments section to chime in on the topics of the day. If you’ve submitted a question using an anonymizer, we regret that it may not have[…..]

From the DS Archives: Mika Rottenberg

Every now and then I’m introduced to an artist that really resonates with me. The first time I saw an example of Mika Rottenberg’s work was in a class, when the teacher presented my fellow students and me with a series of artists we were supposed to draw inspiration from (per usual). Despite the fact that Rottenberg’s work is so different from my normal taste,[…..]