About Us

Long ago, in a far away place, Daily Serving was born… 

Back in the good old days of 2006, Daily Serving was conceived in a small town on the coast of South Carolina as a central site for art lovers to find resources on events and exhibitions within the world of contemporary art. Designed to be a dynamic source of information sharing, Daily Serving directly connects readers to countless resources through original articles, interviews, and reviews published everyday.

From These Humble Beginnings
Daily Serving has grown to become an expansive, international source for ground-breaking contemporary art, with a huge network of writers spanning the globe. The Daily Serving team is dedicated to providing these resources for free to readers world-wide, so that everyone—regardless of location—can benefit from the abundance of amazing contemporary art happening around the world.

Daily Serving has developed an  extraordinary group of original series, breaking the mold of the traditional review. Each series bring new energy and perspectives to the art world. In conjunction with our partners we explore the world of contemporary art and culture every day.

Join Us
We hope you will join the discussion about the work and ideas that we present, and submit new artists and exhibitions for consideration through our Fan Mail series. Whether Daily Serving is helping you to discover new artists, stay updated on the international art scene, or connect with information on art spaces, residencies, and programs, we can promise you’ll find new art everyday.

Be a Good Friend
Stay in touch! We are always looking for great ideas, new writers, and unusual perspectives to change the way we think about art. Share your ideas by sending an email to info@dailyserving.com.