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Summer Session – Mike Kelley: “Day Is Done”

This Summer Session’s topic is Back to School, and we’re thinking about pedagogy, learning, and education in the art world. Today from Art 21 we bring you a short video about Mike Kelley’s 2005 project Day Is Done. The work is based around Kelley’s concept of Educational Complex, or the invisible construction of cultural mythos through social institutions like school and domestic life. Here Kelley attempts to reveal the workings of Educational[…..]

Summer Session – #Hashtags: The Trouble with the Mission School

Alicia McCarthy. Untitled, 1996. Oil and latex on panel. 84 x 84 inches. Collection of Jeff Morris, Oakland. Photo by Johnna Arnold/SFAI.

Today we’re thinking about what “school” means as a way of codifying an art movement—that is, the politics, aesthetics, and ethos that are implied by attributing work to a particular school. In that vein, we present Anuradha Vikram’s review of SFAI’s 2013 exhibition Energy That Is All Around—Mission School, wherein Vikram analyzes the problematics of the Mission School attribution. This article was originally published on November 18,[…..]

Summer Session – Internet for Artists Handbook

via Creative Capital Professional Development Program.

This Summer Session we’re going Back to School and thinking about learning, pedagogy, and education. Today we’re featuring an excerpt from The Internet for Artists Handbook, an online resource designed to help creatives with professional development. With article categories like “How to Help Yourself,” “Generating Revenue,” and “The Future,” Creative Capital’s informative Wiki is sure to have practical advice for the autodidact. Below is an excerpt[…..]

Summer Session – How to Prep for Grad School If You’re Poor

art school owl

Our August Summer Session is all about different forms of education, pedagogy, and the nexus of art and school. Today we direct our readers to a crowdsourced how-to guide on preparing for grad school while poor. Originally started as a public Google Doc by Karra Shimabukuro, PhD, based on her own experiences, the guide became so popular and gained so many contributors that she eventually moved the document to its own[…..]

Summer Session – Help Desk: School Daze

Bruce High Quality Foundation wants you to skip school and hang out with Chris Burden instead.

Our Summer Session topic this month is Back to School, and today we bring you an excerpt from our Help Desk, Bean Gilsdorf’s arts-advice column that demystifies practices for artists, writers, curators, collectors, patrons, and the general public. In this installment, Gilsdorf answers questions specific to the MFA degree, giving readers practical advice on how to sort through the bullshit and find the best graduate-level arts program[…..]

Summer Session – Prescription for a Healthy Art Scene

Prescription for a Healthy Art Scene by Renny Pritkin.

For this month’s Summer Session we’re thinking about going Back to School, and whether that means formal training, self-directed learning, or something in between, author and curator Renny Pritikin’s “Prescription for a Healthy Art Scene” asserts that various kinds of education are necessary for a robust and thriving arts community. His list reminds us that teaching and learning are types of engagement that, rather than codifying knowledge, encourage[…..]

Summer Session – Interview with David Levi Strauss

John Berger and David Levi Strauss, 2009. Photo: Yves Berger.

This Summer Session we’re going Back to School, and today we bring you an interview with David Levi Strauss by Amelia Rina. Rina had first been interviewed by Strauss in 2013 for admission to the School of Visual Arts’ MFA Art Writing and Criticism program, and here returns to speak with Strauss about his perspectives on writing, academia, and his role as an educator. Throughout[…..]