Sigga Bjorg Sigurdardottir

Galerie Adler in New York will present new drawings, animations and an installation in “Paradox Parade,” opening this Friday, featuring Icelandic artist Sigga Bjorg Sigurdardottir. The artist produces several anthropomorphic creatures existing in stark white environments that seem to walk the line between playful and grotesque. The illustrated creatures have a strange humanistic quality, often becoming menacing while simultaneously offering comic relief in their awkward[.....]

Ingrid Calame

Outlining sidewalk stains, skid marks and graffiti on the streets on New York City, Los Angeles and Las Vages is just a portion of what goes into the work of L.A.-based artist Ingrid Calame. What may look like a Pollock-style painting at first glance is more a method of controlling shapes and outcomes than personal expression. After the painstaking process of tracing each found stain,[.....]

Chris Dent

Chris Dent is a 22-year-old British illustrator and artist who explores the energy of urban street culture through densely informative drawings of cityscapes. Dent often captures his imagery with pen directly on paper, preventing any reworking and allowing the first mark-making instinct to dominate. The artist recently graduated from Camberwell College of Arts in London with a degree in illustration. Since his graduation, the young[.....]

Michael Paige Glover

Dysfunctional Americana that uses familiar imagery to tell stories is how Michael Paige Glover describes his new body of work. Glover uses adults and children that are placed against backgrounds of anarchy, destruction and uncertain imagery that he relates to past memories and self-awareness. Pulling inspiration from ’20s to ’50s photos, films, magazines and personal photographs, the artist spends months combining, arranging and decoding metaphors[.....]

John Malloy

Artist, illustrator and designer John Malloy was born in rural Pennsylvania and began drawing cartoons, rock stars and other related material at a very young age. The artist’s interest eventually developed into graphic novels, comics and the contemporary arts. Malloy continues the illustrative tradition of rendering the narrative through figuration and text. The artist currently lives and works in Baltimore. This month, Malloy will be[.....]

Chris Johanson

Artist Chris Johanson’s brightly colored, socially saturated works offer a humorous light to current cultural and societal feelings. With the background of the artist rooted in contemporary culture rather than formal art training, Johanson is able to rely solely on his personal experiences and the collective experience of all Americans to explore absurdity and humor in contemporary life. The artist is a prolific creator and[.....]

Mudwig Dans

Opening this month at DreamBagsJaguarShoes (MySpace) in London is an exhibition by the influential Bristol-based artist Mudwig Dans. Dans has developed a reputation as an innovative yet elusive underground artist. Infusing an aesthetic rooted in 20th-century propaganda posters, illustrations and animation, Dans daringly juxtaposes found photographic imagery with experimental computer-based alterations. The subversive images contained in the work reference forms often found in Disney and[.....]