Josue Pellot

Chicago artist Josue Pellot deploys several mediums and styles in order to examine his Puerto Rican roots as transplanted into the quintessential American experience – that is, as mediated by pop culture and consumerism in his current exhibition at the Chicago Cultural Center.  Thus, he displays a photomontage of the iconic fortress El Morro in Puerto Rico in which it is conflated with a supermercado/laundromat/liquor[.....]

Jonathan Jones

Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation, Paddington is currently hosting new installation works by Indigenous-Australian artist Jonathan Jones. Untitled (The Tyranny of Distance), 2008 is positioned within the main exhibition space and is composed of a series of six blue tarpaulin covered walls, each extending to over eight meters in length. Each of them radiate with light from fluorescent tubes positioned to make arrow like chevron patterns.[.....]

Tracey Emin

Tracey Emin‘s first Los Angeles solo show, “You Left Me Breathing”, opened at Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills on November 2nd. Emin, who was shortlisted for the Turner Prize in 1999, is one of the hyped Young British Artists whose work gained notoriety in the mid 1990s. She recently represented Britain at the 2007 Venice Biennale, installing large-scale neon signs and drawings on the walls[.....]

David Batchelor

The artwork and writings of David Batchelor investigate the properties of color and how it operates outside of the functional realm, becoming a unique phenomenon all on its own. The artist is also interested in the symbolic meaning attached to color and how it affects those in its presence. Batchelor’s work often takes form as sculpture, using brilliant colors with fluorescent light, neon and plastics[.....]

Dan Attoe

The work of Dan Attoe is often rooted in painting, but through recent projects and exhibits such as “Loaded, Nailed, Short on Cash,” Attoe has expanded his artistic vocabulary to encompass neon- and light box-based works created from his paintings. Attoe’s work employs a blue-collar, working man’s aesthetic, often featuring humorous text with serious undertones. Attoe, along with fellow artists Jamie Boling and Bill Donovan,[.....]