Avenging Ancestors, Failing Spectacularly: Wisconessee at Kasia Kay Projects

Daniel Bruttig. Nick with Monster Mask, 2013. Colored pencil on paper. Courtesy of Kasia Kay Projects.

If you’re at all interested in seeing Wisconessee, Duncan R. Anderson and Daniel Bruttig’s semi-collaborative two man show at Kasia Kay Projects, I can tell you right now there’s a good chance you’ve already seen it. Typically, I’m not one to write a negative review for the sake of teeing off on artists who are just trying to get some work out there. But this[.....]

#Hashtags: The Art of Conquest

Key Lime

#institutions #race #jeffreydeitch #elibroad #lacma #moca #manifestdestiny #americanexpansionism Los Angeles museums have recently demonstrated the old adage that “nothing endures but change.” Since 2006, Michael Govan has been in charge of transforming the Los Angeles County Museum of Art from a Victorian-style encyclopedic museum into a powerhouse for contemporary art. During his tenure, Govan has recruited top American curators, including Franklin Sirmans and Christine Y. Kim, from privately endowed museums to his massive[.....]

All I Really Need to Know I Learned from Baldessari

Most of the time the best information, advice, and stories we hear come to us from faraway places, whether it be by location or time. In today’s case, we bring you a ten-point lesson on John Baldessari written by Rebecca Taylor for the Huffington Post, reposted here at Daily Serving and now revisited once more as our entry today From the DS Archives. One particular student of Baldessari’s teachings[.....]

Heaven Is a Place Where Nothing Ever Happens

Today in From the DS Archives, we bring you an article by Michelle Shultz on the Folkestone Triennial, a public art project that took over the artist-luring town of Folkestone, England, in both 2008 and 2011. The triennial called for artists to “respond in a perceptive way to the unique geographic and demographic qualities of the area.” Similarly, the Bergen Assembly, a multidisciplinary project produced by[.....]

Back to School

In honor of the time of year and the general nervousness, excitement, and relief that come with the advent of the regular school year, this week we bring you a post written by Bean Gilsdorf entitled “Back to School,” from her weekly Help Desk column for DS. Her advice to the student behind the question “What to do before I graduate?” is sage: take advantage of all[.....]

Cripplewood at the Venice Biennale

It takes a moment for my eyes to adjust. It’s dim and dank in here, despite the warmth of the Venetian summer. A long, gnarled mass lies sprawled across the length of the floor; in the gloom of the pavilion its flesh seems luminous. In places, its limbs are bound with rags. Sometimes they rest on threadbare cushions. It’s a fallen tree, but it seems[.....]

Deeply Concentric: An Interview with Yael Kanarek

Yael Kanarek. Installation view (l-r): Sanctify Thyself No. 1; Deeply Concentric; Perpetual Dream Catcher; all 2013. Photo by John Berens. Image courtesy bitforms gallery nyc.

Yael Kanarek is interested in the signs and systems that we use to quantify and communicate knowledge, specifically words and numbers. She focuses on the spaces where meaning is conveyed or lost as it passes through cultural and disciplinary frameworks, while her work fluctuates between painting, sculpture, and time-based interactivity. She has exhibited at The Drawing Center and in the 2002 Whitney Biennial and has received numerous awards,[.....]