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The Power of Selection: Part I

Western Exhibitions in Chicago is currently presenting The Power of Selection (Part I), the first in a series of three exhibitions organized by Chicago-based artist and independent curator Ryan Travis Christian. The exhibition, which features works by Alika Cooper, Mike Rea, Allison Schulnik, Marissa Textor, and Eric Yahnker, loosely explores the idea of contemporary figuration. Works in the exhibition range from a massive anthropomorphic wooden[.....]

Interview w/ Allison Schulnik

In a mystical world of hobo clowns, pet possums and rabid monkeys, Allison Schulnik‘s surreal environments playfully explore human psychology through saturated color and rich texture. The artist consistently produces mesmerizing work which combine the forms of painting, sculpture and animation, creating a body of work that speaks to a multiplicity of mediums through each manifestation. This week, DailyServing’s founder Seth Curcio spoke with the[.....]

Allison Schulnik

It’s unfortunate but rare that art, particularly video work, moves me to the point where I’m exaggeratedly weaving words like “love” and “obsessed” into conversations about it–confessions that some might say belong more within the confines of teenagers’ online message boards about “Twilight” than within the discussion of serious contemporary art. But such is the case with Allison Schulnik‘s claymation video Hobo Clown (2008). The[.....]