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Best of 2014 – Self-Taught Genius at the American Folk Art Museum

Purvis Young. People Celebrating, 1990s. Mixed Media on wood; 49 x 34 1⁄2 x 5”. Collection American Folk Art Museum, New York. Gift of Gordon W. Bailey in honor of Anne Imelda Radice. Photo by Adam Reich, New York.

As we continue our look back over the year, today’s Best of 2014 selection comes from Kara Q. Smith, the managing editor of our partner site Art Practical. Kara writes, “Lia Wilson’s review of Self Taught Genius gives attention to an oft-overlooked, or mis-represented, area of contemporary art (not to mention venue). Lia engages directly with the larger contexts surrounding not only the art, but the exhibition[…..]

Self-Taught Genius at the American Folk Art Museum

Self-Taught Genius seeks to frame the collection of the American Folk Art Museum as an archive of the culture of self-education in the United States. The exhibition’s organizers draw their interpretation of the word “genius” from roots in the Enlightenment and Romanticism, embracing a definition that underscores the potential in all human beings for exceptional creativity, intuition, and insight. The use of the term “self-taught” embeds[…..]