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HELP DESK: Digital Dilemma

Cory Arcangel, Sweet 16, 2006. Projection from a digital source, dimensions variable, edition of 5

Welcome to HELP DESK, where I answer your queries about making, exhibiting, finding, marketing, buying, selling–or any other activity related to–contemporary art. Together, we’ll sort through some of art’s thornier issues. Email with your questions. All submissions remain strictly anonymous and become the property of Daily Serving. HELP DESK is co-sponsored by recently had to pick the edition size of a digital interactive[…..]

Cory Arcangel: The Art of Hacking and Success of Failure

Over the past year, has developed several week-long series to better investigate topics such as Myth, Utopia and Rebellion. This week, we are proud to present 7 new articles that explore the concept of failure, and take a close look at how this idea operates within contemporary art. But don’t worry, we didn’t try all that hard, as we all know what the ultimate[…..]

Cory Arcangel

On view through May 9th at the Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami is a retrospective of  work made by Brooklyn-based artist, Cory Arcangel, from 2002 to present. The solo exhibition, entitled The Sharper Image, examines the prolific artist’s diverse practice, featuring a virtual grab bag of media—video, print, sound, performance, sculpture, drawing and web-based work. An artist, computer programmer and web designer, Arcangel was[…..]