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HELP DESK: The Answer is No


Welcome to HELP DESK, step into my office! Each week I’ll be answering your queries about making, finding, marketing, buying, selling—or any other activity related to—contemporary art. Together, we’ll sort through some of art’s thornier issues. This week, let’s email with your questions (you can use a free anonymizer like if you want) and save the comments section for continuing the conversation on[.....]

This Time with Feeling: Young Curators, New Ideas III at P-P-O-W.

I love how far the term “curate” has fallen. Once particular to egg-headed museum types who cared for collections of rarities, now curating, at least in marketing terms, means nothing more than making a kind of fancy or personalized choice. Instead of plain old dinner and a movie, you can now curate the best locavorian burger and artisanal fries while selecting a companion film from[.....]