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Nomadic Art Experience Pulls Into Oakland

Promotional image for Levi's Station to Station project, 2013; organized by artist Doug Aitken.

As part of our ongoing partnership with KQED Arts, today we bring you a thoughtful consideration of Levi’s Station to Station project. Author Christian L. Frock notes, “Though it seems unlikely that corporate benefactors will support politically potent, radical, or controversial artworks, perhaps the support leveraged by these popular and populist ‘public art’ opportunities will allow artists to engage in work that challenges us to think[.....]

Doug Aitken: 100 YRS

Central to Doug Aitken’s “100 YRS” exhibition at 303 Gallery is a new “Sonic Fountain,” in which water drips from 5 rods suspended from the ceiling, falling into a concrete crater dug out of the gallery floor. The flow of water itself is controlled so as to create specific rhythmic patterns that will morph, collapse and overlap in shifting combinations of speed and volume, lending the physical phenomenon the[.....]

Doug Aitken at Regen Projects

Installation view: HOUSE, 2010. Courtesy of Regen Projects, Los Angeles. It feels like a thousand years, though I know it’s only been about five minutes. Feet balancing atop five-inch heels on the loose gravel floor, my ankles quiver unsteadily as I clench every muscle in my legs to avoid toppling into Jeffrey Deitch’s back. This misstep would surely initiate a domino-like collapse of the well-coiffed[.....]

From the DS Archive: Doug Aitken, Migration

Installation view: Regen Projects, Los Angeles 2009 Photography by Brian Forrest Sometimes simplicity can be stunningly difficult. Doug Aitken‘s film Migration has an apparent enough premise: migrating animals occupy hotel rooms, bringing together the instinctive and unfamiliar aspects of travel. And Aitken uses pristine, focused images to realize this premise. Yet the effect is something more nuanced and confusing: migration becomes precariously noble, the virtual[.....]

Softening the Blow: Daniel DeSure

I don’t usually get hung up on press releases, but there’s one phrase from the release for Daniel DeSure‘s current exhibition that I can’t forget: “things we use to soften the blow.” DeSure’s work is described as an understated, non-reactionary response to the fact that blows are a given. Things inevitably go wrong; technologies malfunction, people disagree, cars crash, natural disasters strike. But what if[.....]


“UNEASY ANGEL / IMAGINE LOS ANGELES, Artists from Los Angeles Addressing Intersections Between Reality and Fiction” is an exhibition opening tonight in at Monika Spruth Philomene Magers and Spruth Magers Projekte both in Munich, Germany. Artists such as Doug Aitken, John Baldessari and Barbara Kruger and shown along side the writers and filmmakers that are all living and working in L.A. The culture of L.A.[.....]

Doug Aitken

“Sleepwalkers” is the first U.S. large-scale public project by renowned video artist Doug Aitkin. Creative Time and The Museum of Modern Art have commissioned the artist to create a multi-screen video installation that will be projected on seven facades of the MoMA on 53rd and 54th Streets. This project will premiere on January 16, and will continue through February 12, each evening from 5pm to[.....]