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Lost Andy Warhol Photos Pop Up in NYC For First Time

As a part of our partnership with Huff Post Arts, today we bring you a story written by Susan Michals about newly found photographs of Andy Warhol.  (Image courtesy of Steve Wood) One of the most iconic faces of the 20th century is about to be rediscovered. On May 3, lost images of pop art icon Andy Warhol will be unveiled in Manhattan for the first time in public in[…..]

Judy Chicago Revives ‘Sublime Environments’ For Pacific Standard Time


Today’s article is brought to you from our friends at the Huffington Post. Do you remember your first time you saw dry ice? Mine was in a punch bowl as part of a Halloween school dance. There was something inherently magical about the material; when I first encountered it I kept blinking, waiting for what looked like an illusion to reveal itself. Watching Judy Chicago’s[…..]

Bigger is better: The first $100,000 that John Baldessari ever made.


Today’s post is brought to you by our friends at Huffington Post Arts. Read below to learn about John Baldessari’s new public work in New York City. It’s no big shocker that we are not at our finest economic hour, but John Baldessari may have stumbled upon a solution to our money woes. All this time we have been trying to make more money, when[…..]

Frieze Art Fair: Special Projects and Emdash Award

From time to time we at DailyServing like to feature content from sites we partner with, like the Huffington Post and Art Practical.  Today we bring you a look at several of the special projects commissioned by the Frieze Art Fair, which closed October 16, 2011.  This post comes courtesy of the Huffington Post, Constantin Bjerke, and — The aim of the Frieze Art[…..]

Remembering The Undressed Majesty Of His Paintings

Today’s article is brought to you from our friends at the Huffington Post, written by Edward Goldman. The death of great cultural figures always prompts us to assess their impact on art and, ultimately, on the way we perceive ourselves. The recent death of the great painter, Lucian Freud (1922 -2011), at the age of 88, is definitely one of these occasions. Through more than[…..]

2010 California Biennial

Today’s article is brought to you from our friends at the Huffington Post, written by James Scarborough. Literature supplies the concept of an unreliable narrator, whose credibility one questions or otherwise doubts in the telling of a particular story. The Orange County Museum of Art‘s 2010 California Biennial, curated by Sarah C. Bancroft, suggests that the concept can be applied to art museums as well:[…..]

Interview: Jeffrey Deitch

Today on DailyServing, we have gone to our wonderful friends at the Huffington Post for an amazing short interview with influential gallerist turned museum director, Jeffrey Deitch. Kimberly Brooks gets Deitch’s thoughts on the arts in Los Angeles, the first exhibition under his direction at the MOCA, and how he is adjusting to life on the West Coast. ———– Jeffrey Deitch said to me as[…..]