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New Waves, Korea

A dominant feature of contemporary Asian art has always been the reflection of cultural and historical frameworks within which such works are produced: firmly entrenched in tradition, yet forward-looking thanks to the far-reaching changes – and homogenisation – brought about by the formidable impact of globalisation. Even though artistic production in South Korea seems to follow this trend, it is problematised by the emergence of[…..]

Sook Jin Jo

Korean-born, New York-based artist Sook Jin Jo creates large sculptural installations that are simultaneously concerned with the history of sculpture and the concept of meditation. Using elements of balance, color, texture and space, the artist selects and displays found objects that reflect the history of a specific place. The sum of each collected object creates a unified whole, as each one is a pivotal support[…..]

Yeondoo Jung

Using the framework of children’s drawings, Korean artist Yeondoo Jung has created a series of photos titled “Wonderland.” In this series, the artist takes a literal approach in translating information between actual children’s drawings and staged photographs. Space and distance are distorted as the artist’s photographs offer a mix of reality and fantasy in the interpretation of a child’s view of the world. Yeondoo Jung[…..]