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Trapped in the Wunderkammer at Kadist Art Foundation

What inspires artists? How do they create their work? Today we bring you a video from Kadist Art Foundation in San Francisco, documentation of one of seven recent presentations in which artists discuss inspirational objects and ephemera in their private collections. The basis for this project was artist Linda Geary‘s book Studio Visit, which, according to Kadist, “collects impressions from 100 in-studio conversations about art and life. An unexpected[.....]

Feodor Voronov at Mark Moore Gallery

I walked into Culver City’s Mark Moore Gallery last Saturday a little road weary, which is quite standard here in L.A. I deliberately marched past the front desk and into the spacious main gallery to investigate a giant double canvas that was prominently featured.  What I saw was a candy-colored jungle of organized visual chaos: crisp geometric shapes that seem to be made of pulled[.....]

Pattern Recognition at MoCADA

Pattern Recognition, currently on view at Brooklyn’s Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts, focuses primarily on the paradox of explaining abstract painting. Though designed as a straightforward, contemporary group show featuring new work from established artists, Pattern Recognition must be viewed within the context of a museum whose focus is on community dialogue and education. The hand of Dexter Wimberly, the independent curator behind the[.....]

Paintings That Explore Classical and Contemporary Myth

Laura Krifka. Into the Frey, 2012; oil on canvas on panel; 48 x 48 in.

As part of our ongoing partnership with Beautiful/Decay, today we bring you the paintings of Laura Krifka. Krifka lives and works in Ventura, California, and will have a solo exhibition at CB1 Gallery, in Los Angeles, in 2014. The article was written by Stacey Dacheux and originally published on August 20, 2013. Laura Krifka’s work feels both classical and contemporary—a collection of myths that transcend time,[.....]

Dr. Bob in New Orleans


Shotgun Reviews are an open forum where we invite the international art community to contribute timely, short-format responses (250–400 words) to an exhibition or event. If you are interested in submitting a Shotgun Review, please click this link for more information. In this Shotgun Review, Eva Morgenstein considers the artwork of New Orleans–based Dr. Bob. Tucked away in the Bywater district of New Orleans, Dr. Bob’s Folk Art condenses the city’s[.....]

Fan Mail: Andrew Fish

Andrew Fish. Bartender, 2013; oil on canvas; 30 x 40 in. Courtesy of the artist.

Boston-based painter Andrew Fish is working out solutions—proofs perhaps—to a complex problem we all deal with on some level, every day: what is the difference between an analog and a digital visual experience? Fish, interestingly, has chosen painting—arguably the most antiquated form of visual production—to seek answers to this query. His choice of medium confronts the proliferation of digital image making and publishing made possible[.....]

Maria Lassnig at Capitain Petzel

Maria Lassnig. o.T., (2012), Oil on canvas, 205 x 158 cm. Courtesy of Capitain Petzel, Berlin. Photo: Jens Ziehe.

Maria Lassnig’s current solo exhibition at Capitain Petzel in Berlin takes a quick and investigatory look at her body-awareness paintings. At first glance, Lassnig’s works look crass. She seems to care little for surfaces and even less for her palette: lumpy, grayish figures lie casually upon the surface of the canvas, craftsmanship is squandered, and colors are straight out of the tube. However, at the back of[.....]