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Play With Your Own Marbles

Karl Haendel Play With Your Own Marbles is the title of a new exhibition currently on view at San Francisco’s NOMA Gallery. The exhibition, which is curated by Betty Nguyen, Creative Director of First Person Magazine, brings together three Los Angeles-based artists in an examination of artistic process and its relation to utility, both in object and image. The exhibition highlights the objects and cyanotypes[.....]

Clayton Brothers

Clayton Brothers, Rob and Christian, take root in the artists’ immediate environment, referencing local business, neighborhood characters, overheard conversations and local signs that exist outside of the artists’ California-based studio. Dense with information, these fractured narratives come to life through a unique collaborative process. The brothers rarely work on the same canvas at one time or even discuss the work while it’s being created; instead[.....]

Ian Dawson

British artist Ian Dawson produces large-scale sculptures out of a variety of materials. The artist has used colorful industrial plastic containers that are modeled into exotic forms through heat manipulation in several new works. Through this process, the object is stripped of its original use and begins to exist in a position between painting and sculpture. Other projects include large sheets of screen-printed paper that[.....]