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HELP DESK: School Daze


Welcome to HELP DESK, step into my office! Each week I’ll be answering your queries about making, finding, marketing, buying, selling—or any other activity related to—contemporary art. Together, we’ll sort through some of art’s thornier issues. Email with your questions (you can use a free anonymizer like if you want) and save the comments section for continuing the conversation on the topic at[…..]

Brightworks: An Educational Refuge

Today’s article is from our friends at Art Practical, where Dominic Willsdon considers Brightworks, a newly opened K-12 private school in San Francisco designed around an alternative educational model guided by tenets typically associated with artistic practices. Brightworks is a new, unaccredited K–12 private school co-created by Gever Tulley and Bryan Welch somewhat in the tradition of anarchist-leaning Free Schools. The opening ceremony, held at the[…..]