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Andrew Dadson at Lawrimore Project

When one encounters an abstract painting with goopy paint and an expressionist hand, it is still hard not to be seduced by the sheer beauty of it. But in a day when even painting has to be smart, it is always a relief to find someone making objects that make you rethink your relationship to the world, not to mention your relationship to paint itself.[…..]

Adam Satushek: Annex

Seattle-based photographer Adam Satushek would like to play tricks on your eyes and your mind. His work, currently on view in the solo exhibition, Annex, at Platform Gallery in Seattle, does just that. Often many layers deep, Satushek’s works read like visual puns. The images he captures depict seemingly ordinary spaces and situations, only to reveal upon closer inspection that things aren’t quite as they[…..]

Ron van der Ende: A Shallow Wade

A Shallow Wade is the title of a new exhibition that shows Americana distilled through an outsider’s perspective, that of Rotterdam artist Ron van der Ende.  Through his process of assembling large wall-hung collages of wood, he has salvaged doors, furniture, and other building fragments and deconstructed them, leaving worn paint in tact on skinned timber. These parts are collected and cut to fit into[…..]

Best of 2009

Best of 2009 Bas Louter: Dust/Asphalt Originally published on March 11, 2009 Bas Louter recently concluded the exhibition, Dust at Kopeikin gallery in Los Angeles and is currently exhibiting Dust/Asphalt at Ambace and Rice in Seattle. A fitting title for Louter’s ethereally haunting visages–referencing perhaps the black soot of charcoal used to create his works, or the ashes and dust of human remains. Louters works[…..]

Milton Rogovin

The Henry Art Gallery at Seattle’s University of Washington is hosting a rare kind of exhibition: a 100th birthday show for a living artist. Milton Rogovin, who began his career as a documentary photographer in the early 1950s and was still working as recently as 2002, will turn 100 on December 31, 2009 and the exhibition is unambiguously titled Happy 100th Birthday, Milton Rogovin! This,[…..]

Stranger Circumstances

After six years of operation, the artist-run Crawl Space Gallery in Seattle has decided to close its doors and end their impressive programming of exhibitions, residencies, public forums, publications, and experimental projects. The gallery is currently presenting Stranger Circumstances as their final exhibition. The show features Crawl Space artist in residency, Massimo Guerrera as well as artists Alana Riley, Ron Tran with performances during the[…..]

From Whence the Rainbow Came

Currently on view at Ambach and Rice Gallery in Seattle is the exhibition, From Whence the Rainbow Came. The exhibition features new works by acclaimed Seattle-based artists Jeffry Mitchell, Joe Park, Dan Webb and Claude Zervas. The collection of works defy the standard structure of a curated exhibition or the trend to have several small solo groupings presented under one roof. Instead the artists, who are all friends and colleagues,[…..]