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Consenting Adults: Taking Risks with Laurel Nakadate

Laurel Nakadate’s work uses unassuming means to memorable effect. Oops! (2000) is a video of a young woman in a tank top and tight jeans dancing a choreographed routine while a man in late middle age dances (or stands) awkwardly beside her. It is mesmerizing in its ambiguity: is she making fun of the man? Which one is being exploited? Beg for Your Life (2006)[.....]

Lisa Tan: Two Birds, Eighty Mountains, and a Portrait of the Artist

One might be tempted to call Lisa Tan’s exhibition at Arthouse in Austin poetic. But what would this mean? It is spare, filled with layered and complex allusions, much like a poem. The imagistic lyricism of two finches in a cage; a lone man smoking as he stares out a window; flashes of barren mountain peaks; and a doctor’s stark appraisal of an aging body[.....]

Stan VanDerBeek: The Culture Intercom at MIT List Visual Art Center

I’m reluctant to quote from Emerson’s Quotation and Originality, but it really does add to a conversation about the Stan VanDerBeek exhibition at MIT. While Emerson is obsessed with verbal communication and upholding the cannon as a garden that we can “honestly” borrowed from, The Culture Intercom actively fights the idea that “all minds quote” and “the originals are not original.” VanDerBeek’s career was filled[.....]

No Subtext

L.A. Expanded: Notes from the West Coast A weekly column by Catherine Wagley When Marsha Norman began her play ‘Night Mother, she gave her protagonist Jesse one ominous line of dialogue: “We got any old towels?” It sounds utilitarian, but it actually dives right into the core of play’s tragedy. As playwriting instructor Richard Toscan has pointed out, if Norman let all the implications of[.....]

Residue of Enchantment

L.A. Expanded: Notes from the West Coast A weekly column by Catherine Wagley Irving Penn’s Still Life with Triangle and Red Eraser (1985) currently hangs in a small maroon room in the basement of the Getty Museum’s West Pavilion. It’s part of the In Focus: Still Life exhibition, a charming but uneventful “best of” survey of the Getty’s images of objects. The print is a[.....]

Kitty Huffman: Self Portrait

According to an article this year, Amercians’ top fears include: terrorism, flying and heights. All of these, we can assume, stem from an ultimate fear of physical pain or death. However, there are those whose life experiences include certain hardships or burdens that would cause them to fear something such as abandonment above even the most horrific physical harm. Wisconsin-based artist Kitty Huffman has explored[.....]

Francis Alÿs: A Story of Deception

Francis Alÿs in collaboration with Olivier Debroise and Rafael Ortega. A Story of Deception, Patagonia, 2006 still from 16mm film (4:20). Courtesy of Francis Alÿs and Galerie Peter Kilchmann, Zurich © Francis Alÿs. A Story of Deception is the title of Francis Alÿs‘ current retrospective on view at the Tate Modern. The title of the exhibition, which spans the artist’s two-decade long career is borrowed[.....]