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Nomadic and Luminous: Ranu Mukherjee at Frey Norris

What happens at the moment when energy becomes material, and how can we even dream of documenting it? The question has wide-ranging implications, from the memories stored in everyday objects to the effects of prayer. Ranu Mukherjee’s solo exhibition at Frey Norris Contemporary and Modern, Absorption Into the Nomadic and Luminous, takes up these issues. A former painter who now works mostly with photography and[…..]

Defying Gravity

L.A. Expanded: Notes from the West Coast A weekly column by Catherine Wagley “I believe we were born dead,” said motorcyclist-daredevil Evel Knievel, rambling to Sports Illustrated in 1968. He’d just cleared 16 cars in Gardena, CA, before crashing over the fountains at Cesare’s Palace, and was romanticizing about future stunts. “I have accepted the fact that dying is a part of living,” he continued.[…..]

Direct from the Alabaster Alcove: Hennessy Youngman on Relational Aesthetics

Today we bring you a special treat, Art Throughtz, from our friend Hennessy Youngman. Direct from the alabaster alcove, Youngman, aka the Pharoah Hennessy, breaks down the concept of relational aesthetics in terms that we all can understand. From time to time, we will bring you updates on the priceless wisdom of Hennessy Youngman. Believe us, you’ll be smarter after watching!

Crafting Waste

L.A. Expanded: Notes from the West Coast A weekly column by Catherine Wagley The same E.B. White responsible for Charlotte’s Web—still, to my mind, one of the most stabbing child-geared depictions of the circle of life—was also the obsessive stylist behind Strunk and White’s Elements of Style, that little book that told America, “A sentence should contain no unnecessary words” (and still receives hate mail).[…..]

Knots Landing: Lynda Benglis at the New Museum

More Failure More!!! -This week’s series on Failure falls in line with our previous rounds on Myth, Utopia and Rebellion. Stay tuned as we attempt to succeed this week with 6 more articles on Failure… FORCE OF FAILURE: DailyServing’s latest week-long series Lynda Benglis is a fearless artist. She added a much-needed sense of humor to first-generation feminism and imbued late 1960s/early ‘70s Post-Minimal sculpture[…..]

Consenting Adults: Taking Risks with Laurel Nakadate

Laurel Nakadate’s work uses unassuming means to memorable effect. Oops! (2000) is a video of a young woman in a tank top and tight jeans dancing a choreographed routine while a man in late middle age dances (or stands) awkwardly beside her. It is mesmerizing in its ambiguity: is she making fun of the man? Which one is being exploited? Beg for Your Life (2006)[…..]

Lisa Tan: Two Birds, Eighty Mountains, and a Portrait of the Artist

One might be tempted to call Lisa Tan’s exhibition at Arthouse in Austin poetic. But what would this mean? It is spare, filled with layered and complex allusions, much like a poem. The imagistic lyricism of two finches in a cage; a lone man smoking as he stares out a window; flashes of barren mountain peaks; and a doctor’s stark appraisal of an aging body[…..]