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#Hashtags: Proximity and Migration

Yamini Nayar. Head Over Heals, 2013. Lightjet print. Courtesy the artist, Thomas Erben Gallery, New York and Jhaveri Contemporary, Mumbai.

#institutions #representation #access #sustainability #visibility #regionalism #globalism Two shows at San Francisco museums this past July proposed to reconcile gaps between local and global concerns. For Proximities I: What Time Is It There? at the Asian Art Museum, guest curator Glen Helfand asked a group of Bay Area artists to consider the concept of Asia from the perspective of the culturally uninitiated. Migrating Identities, at Yerba[.....]

Sean McFarland at YBCA’s BAN 6

Sean McFarland discusses his recent projects Pictures of the Earth and Dark Pictures as a part of Yerba Buena Center for the Arts‘ Bay Area Now 6. Read the DailyServing review of BAN6 here.

Best of the Bay? Bay Area Now 6.

Writing about “Bay Area Now 6” calls to mind the joke about the elephant described by six blind men. With 18 artists showing 98 objects, its identity depends on where you stand. This triennial survey of current art in the San Francisco Bay area is a leviathan, a potpourri of media, artists and diverse agendas. Making matters more difficult, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts—with[.....]

Interview with Nina Beier

In the first moments of our meeting, Nina Beier ambushed me.  “Do you mind if we go over to the tea garden next door?” she asked, “Some friends of mine are there and we can all talk together.”  I was alarmed at the prospect of a one-on-one interview conducted in a group, but I held my nose and jumped in.  It was only through talking[.....]

From the DS Archives: Wallworks

From the DS Archives reintroduces Wallworks, a group show held at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in 2009.  The exhibition showcased site specific installations from a handful of artists responding to Fumihiko Maki’s architectural design of the building. Among them, Los Angeles-based artist Edgar Arceneaux who will be giving a lecture at California College of the Arts in San Francisco on September 30th.[.....]